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Have no time for anything except assignments. Butchers can be hustled for meat scraps with meat scraps with a "for my dog" story, and bakeries can be asked for day-old rolls and bread. If you have to, you can actually show her your authentic receipt.

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This literally makes up almost the entire diet of the National Liberation Front fighter. A great idea is to get a good list of a few hundred large corporations around the country by looking up their addresses at the library.

Often you can get stuff sent to you by just telling them how good their product is compared to the trash you see nowadays. Show up at the back of the synagogue a few hours after the affair has begun with a story of how you'd like to bring some leftovers of "good Jewish food" back to your fraternity or sorority.

Wanted ads in newspapers and bulletin boards located in community centers and supermarkets have some leads.

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For an overall view, get the free catalogues and brochures provided by the United Farm Agency, W. If the bus is crowded, slip in the back door when it opens to dispatch passengers.

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Decrease the number of pages. Legally, they have to dispose of the food that's left over. Usually underground newspapers list people who either want rides or riders. You can find it by following the tracks or asking where the freight yard is located.

The Salvation Army does this, and you can pick up clothes from them at very cheap prices. There are just too many day-to-day hassles involved living in a commune to not start off compatible in as many ways as possible. Nine out of ten revolutionaries say it's the only way to fly.

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The model is the People's Park struggle in Berkeley during the spring of If you know when the last bus left, just tell the driver you've been stranded there for eight hours and you left your kid sleeping on the other bus.

On all these matters, you should seek out experienced members of communes already established in the vicinity you wish to settle.

People of similar interests and political philosophies should live together. INTRODUCTION It's perhaps fitting that I write this introduction in jail- that graduate school of survival.

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